Andong Fan
I am Andong Fan, an MPhil student of TACO Lab at HKUST. My research interest lies in programming language design and especially type systems. I am working on modular and extensible programming for my MPhil. I received my BEng degree in Computer Science and Technology from Zhejiang University.
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Sept. 2022 - 2024 (expected) | Hong Kong S.A.R., China
MPhil in Computer Science and Engineering
Adviser: Lionel Parreaux.
Zhejiang University
Sept. 2018 - June 2022 | Hangzhou, China
BEng in Computer Science and Technology
GPA: 3.95/4, 90.16/100. Outstanding graduate (top 5%).
super-charging Object-Oriented Programming through Precise Typing of Open Recursion
Andong Fan, Lionel Parreaux
ECOOP 2023 (to appear) [paper]
Simple Extensible Programming Through Precisely-Typed Open Recursion
Andong Fan
A Calculus with Recursive Types, Record Concatenation and Subtyping
Yaoda Zhou, Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira, Andong Fan
Direct Foundations for Compositional Programming
Andong Fan*, Xuejing Huang*, Han Xu, Yaozhu Sun, Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira (*equal contributions)
The MLscript programming language. Functional and object-oriented; structurally typed and sound; with powerful type inference. [repo]
Coq formalization of $\mathsf{F}_{i}^+$ [repo]